Surveillance and counter surveillance equipment and services

Surveillance is used to obtain evidence, information, or proof of a persons activities, location, and associations and relationships with other people. All surveillance is documented with photographic and/ or video footage with a date and time. Digital and electronic surveillance may also be used, with physical surveillance, or separately without physical surveillance.

Counter surveillance is privacy protection, and is used to counter and defeat physical and digital/ electronic surveillance. In other words you stay " under the radar" and become "low profile" and invisible. We have specialised equipment and services available for clients who need to protect themselves, their families and business interests from deliberate spying and invasions of privacy.

We offer the following services:

1.) Mobile and static surveillance.
2.) Covert video recording and photography.
3.) Data recovery from mobile phones, tablets and computers.
4.) GPS tracking.
5.) Consulting, training, analysis and investigation.

Equipment/ products for sale

Hidden cameras, voice and motion activated recording devices, wireless video, specialised microphones, telephone recording systems, bug and phone tap detectors (TSCM) Technical surveillance counter measures equipment, secure, hackproof mobile phones, vehicle tracking solutions and much more......


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