Essential business and competitor intelligence

ADI Essential business Intelligence is both re-active and pro-active, providing decision makers with information and services enabling them to effectively focus in on the criminal element. Discreetly exposing misrepresentation, hidden agenda and all other unethical business practices conducted by third parties (individuals or corporate bodies.) Minimising risk on an ongoing basis by analysing true facts and credentials.


  • In-depth intelligence:
  • Commercial, Corporate, Competitor,Criminal and Financial intelligence.
  • Litigation and disciplinary support.
  • Comprehensive background and current status reports.
  • Strategic information
  • Technical services.
  • Desperate Measures.

ADI Consultants will assist you in the following:

  1. Develop an intelligence policy and response.
  2. Evaluate your risks
  3. Detect crime in your business/company
  4. Recover your losses

Pro-Active crime prevention does not cost, it pays!

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